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  • Karsten Schneider's creativity, professionalism and excellent animation skills, make him a great asset to our company. We know we can rely on his passion for creating beautiful design to give us a premium product every time.

    Sophie Luther, Managing Director, Animation Research, Dunedin, NZ
  • I love Karsten's commitment to science and his ability to depict complex scientific processes in a way that everyday people understand.

    Jayashree Panjabi, Enterprise Manager, Otago University, Dunedin, NZ
  • BurningFish worked with us very successfully on several projects. Karsten and his team always overdelivered and reliably produced stunning work.

    Ricardo Andrade, Creative Director, Pixeldust, Bethesda, ML, USA
  • I have worked with Karsten from BurningFish for several years now. He addresses a brief both accurately and creatively and is always a pleasure to work with.

    Mark Strickson, Executive Producer, 5to9 Productions, Dunedin, NZ

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...is to close the gap between science and the understanding by the public. Visualising complex issues in an engaging way is our specialty.

Dr Karsten Schneider

Creative Director

Before launching into a decade long career in computer graphics and design, Karsten Schneider received an MSc in Biology and an PhD in Marine Science, which helps to plant his production of artwork firmly within the scientific community. Since then he has developed a thorough understanding of all the aspects of television production during 20 years of employment and freelancing in the industry. Karsten Schneider worked in development (pitches, scripts, research), production (research, director, camera) and post-production as producer, editor, art director and visual effects (VFX) supervisor and artist. His specialty is the visualization of scientific facts, theories and models for the general public, fusing science with art. His work experience and expertise in visual effects combined with thorough scientific training gives him a rare and valuable skill set in this field. Dr Schneider communicates as a peer with scientists from a wide range of scientific fields and see himself as a naturalist/zoologist with an acutely artistic sense for visualizing concepts. An organized, competent and realistic person, he is able to integrate his various skills and those of others, making him well suited for project management of productions from concept to completion.


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